Music Matt Likes: Band of Horses

From what I gather, Band of Horses isn’t on a par with Bob Dylan in the Music Matt Likes hierarchy, but they’re still a band that he likes enough to pre-order and wait with anticipation as the album streams to his IPod. In fact, last week when Infinite Arms was released, Matt tweeted: “Downloading my iTunes pre-order of the new Band of Horses record. Can’t wait to listen!” I’m sure he loved it too; it’s a terrific album. You can get their song Laredo for free at Amazon right now.

Band of Horses hails from Seattle originally and are now based in South Carolina. That just about wraps up their sound as well, as it is an epic mix of indie and pop-powered tunes, with harmonies reminiscent of their new neighbors NeedToBreathe.

Watch for a new song called “Life On Earth” on the upcoming Eclipse soundtrack.

Infinite Arms – live. This is a song off their new release, Infinite Arms.

The Funeral – official video. This is off their 2006 Everything All the Time. Another really good album.

Is There a Ghost – official video. This is off their 2007 Cease To Begin.

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  1. avatar MtnLaurel says:

    Its no secret that Matt has good taste in music! I cant believe they have been around so long! I only heard them for the first time this year.

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