Q&A with Matt: Part 2

Last week, we posted the first part of a Q&A with Matt that focused on questions about songwriting. You can read that interview here. In the second part of the Q&A, we asked Matt several questions about performing and about his career as a musician. Thanks to all the people who submitted their questions and to Matt for his responses.


How did you discover that you could sing well?
Submitted by Olivia

I don’t really know. I guess that once I got up the nerve to start singing in front of people, they reacted well to it, so I figured I didn’t sound that bad.

What makes one concert stand out from others or do they?
Submitted by Amy

They do. There are a lot of factors involved, but it’s mostly the level of attentiveness and positive reaction from the crowd and how I feel about my own performance. The size of the crowd can play a part too, but not necessarily. I’ve had some great shows with small crowds and not so great ones with large crowds.

What’s the best thing about touring? What’s the worst thing about touring?
Submitted by Joan

The best thing about touring is being able to do what I love and share my music with people every night. Being able to travel a lot is pretty good, too. The worst things are being away from home and sometimes keeping a pretty grueling schedule. Also, hotels without free wifi.

Music interests

Who do you go listen to when you go listen to live music?
Submitted by Meg

Since I tour so much, it’s become somewhat rare for me to get the chance to go to shows. When I’m home, I usually try to see Alexander & The Grapes and The Grecian Urns. They’re my favorite local bands from the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. Next week I’m going to see Steel Train, a band I’ve listened to for a long time. The last touring artists that went to see were Needtobreathe and Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, and I ended up doing a song with The Sixers, so even at that show I sort of “performed”… That was back in March. I really need to try to get to more shows in 2011.

Which current artists influence you? Do you have any current artists faves who are guilty pleasures or would surprise fans?
Submitted by Amy

Some of my current favorites are Band of Horses, The Killers/Brandon Flowers, Dr. Dog, Mumford & Sons, and this band I’ve been listening to recently called Free Energy. The question about “guilty pleasures” comes up in interviews a lot, and I can never seem to think of any artist that I like that I would consider a guilty pleasure. I was actually thinking about this the other day and, while this artist isn’t current, Iron Maiden would definitely be a guilty pleasure of mine. Yes, Iron Maiden.

On some of those favorites, you can listen to Matt’s favorite songs from 2010 here. And come back next week for our last group of questions.

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3 Responses to “Q&A with Matt: Part 2”

  1. avatar MtnLaurel says:

    Something tells me Matt doesn’t feel guilty at all listening to Iron Maiden. More like he thinks it will surprise fans, which it kind of does.

  2. avatar Liz Lemon says:

    I should have added that he answered these questions obviously before he went to see Steel Train last week.

  3. avatar dm says:

    Iron Maiden is not a guilty pleasure! Doesn’t everyone love them??

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